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How to Run a Civic Lottery

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This step-by-step toolkit describes an inclusive approach to recruiting participants for public consultation or engagement processes. The publishers designed the Civic Lottery process to mitigate the shortcomings and distortions produced by traditional recruitment methods. The approach introduces randomization at multiple stages of the participant recruitment and selection
process. This toolkit is best for those who have decided that a reference panel is right for their situation (see the publishers associated toolkit on reference panels) and want to make sure that their selection process is fair and inclusive.
The toolkit was developed based on lessons learned by the publisher in deploying reference panels in Canada.

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One review for "How to Run a Civic Lottery"

  1. Charles says:

    I consulted this toolkit whilst planning for a citizen’s jury and it provided a comprehensive and accessible step-by-step guide on how to select participants in a fair, efficient and representative manner.

    A good balance is struck between explaining at the beginning the importance of the toolkit and the need to which it responds, before providing a detailed description of the process. The description of the process is excellent and proved simple to adapt to my personal project, giving just the right amount of detail. I appreciated also how accessible it was for someone with no previous experience of organising the selection process. The clarity and the concise nature of the language played an important role in this and the examples given were also useful to see how it could work in a concrete manner.
    This toolkit could perhaps do with a graphic depicting the process in order to make the information even more accessible, especially for those who are more visual, but this would simply be the cherry on what is already a very good cake.

    All in all, a great resource for those interested or working in citizen engagement, whatever their level.

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