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This website and blog containing a toolkit based on the book GameStorming (not free) and intends to bring a playful or game-like atmosphere to group problem solving activities for the purpose of creating an mindset conducive to innovation and change-making. The site contains games for different purposes, including vision and strategy, planning, problem-solving, and decision-making.
The online resources describe each method and technique in terms of: Object of Play, Number of Players, Duration of Play, Material Required, Step by Step instructions and, in some cases, videos.



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Process Facilitation and Co-Design

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One review for "Gamestorming Toolkit"

  1. The Gamestorming Toolkit, published by Gamestorming, is actually a website that encapsulates a great number of toolkit-games. They are sorted in categories according to their purpose, ranging from games for decision-making to games for design, team building or just basic icebreakers. The archive is very complete and contains games for almost everything. However, that can also be a disadvantage as it can be confusing to decide where to begin or what to play.
    That’s why I wouldn’t recommend sifting through all of the games, because there simply are so many. Instead, take a look in categories that interest you or use the search bar to find precise games.

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