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The European Nudging Network

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The mission of TEN is to ensure a scientifically and ethically responsible dissemination of applied behavioural insights throughout Europe and beyond. This is done through a range of Open Access (OA) online resources and member activities.
TEN hosts the Nudge Database, a community-sourced collection and validation system for cases of behavioural insights, including everything from interesting hypotheses to laws that have been applied on the basis of large randomised experiments.
The database is limited and contains examples primarily from Europe and the United States.



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One review for "The European Nudging Network"

  1. The European Nudging Network is a website created and organised in collaboration between the OECD, the ISSP, and HEC Paris, aiming to ensure dissemination of behavioural insights within the design of policies or globally activities (business, social etc.), within Europe and beyond. It includes a wide range of online resources, especially the Nudge database, which combined comprehensive cases of behavioural insights, specific examples and data. The website is clearly organised and very visual, with very different case studies enabling a deep understanding of how behavioural insights can be included in any projects, from nudging shoppers towards vegetarian alternatives to promoting organ donations. Each case study is organised clearly: introduction, methodology, results and conclusion. It is very useful to see how behavioural insights can be used in various contexts and ways, going further from understanding the concepts and applying them to practical problems. This toolkit is particularly helpful for users looking to find creative and innovative solutions, as well as concrete examples to apply behavioural insights to complex problems.

    I recommend using this toolkit in complement to a more theoretical toolkit such as the EAST Framework (created by the Behavioural Insights Team), which gives a very clear methodological and structured approach for encouraging behaviour (in policy design but it can be applied to any type of project including behavioural insights). There are resources quoted in the category “Light Reading” about the Nudge theory and experimental design using behavioural approaches, but they only invite the user to look at these resources outside the website.

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