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Systems Practice Workbook

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This resource walks you through a systems practice, and describes process phases (Launch, Gain Clarity, Find Leverage, Act Strategically, and Learn and Adapt) and methods for guiding the practice.
This resource has been developed in collaboration with teams across The Omidyar Group. This workbook aims to fill the gap between the promise of a systems approach for making social change and putting it into practice. It was created alongside curriculum as part of a paid course.
For each method, results, actions, difficulty, time estimation, and tips are included.

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One review for "Systems Practice Workbook"

  1. This toolkit describes the detailed process and methods of systems practice, designed in collaboration between different teams of the Omidyar Group, to promote efficiency and optimal results. It is designed as a workbook for the reader to complete along the way. It is specifically dedicated to people looking to promote social change or working to implement social impact across any field of social change. The workbook is organised with a very useful visual “Journey Map”, containing 5 steps: Launch, Gain Clarity, Find Leverage, Act Strategically, Learn and Adapt. Each phase is further developed in specific steps and information to smooth the process and deepen the knowledge of how to implement change practically and efficiently. The explanations are visual, short and clear, making the reading and understanding of the workbook easier than expected. Examples, blue boxes for specific tips and notes, and concrete activities (called actions) for the reader to do (with guidelines and time indications) really help the reader build his own process or journey map along reading the workbook. It is not just a book to read but also an activity book that engages the reader at every page to think about his/her own goals and process to put in place and helping him/her to develop it. The reader can even write on the workbook to complete the activities and take notes.

    This workbook is especially useful as it fills the gap between all the intents to promote and implement social change, and the few times it has actually been put in practice. I would highly recommend this workbook for users struggling to put in actions or structure the social change they want to implement in detail.

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