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Policy Quality Framework

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The Policy Quality Framework describes the key characteristics of quality policy advice, as well as the ‘enablers’ of great advice, like considering multiple perspectives, good commissioning, quality assurance processes and work planning.
It is one of three improvement frameworks co-designed for and by the policy community in New Zealand to help government agencies improve their policy quality and capability.
It includes several policy assessments for different stages of the policy cycle and describes some "acid tests" to evaluate the quality of policy.

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One review for "Policy Quality Framework"

  1. The Policy Quality Framework is used by individual policy advisors developing advice or providing peer review, policy managers commissioning or reviewing policy advice panels and/or others assessing the quality of a government agencies’ written advice before or after it has been delivered. This framework is useful to ensure that the local government’s policy advice, for better decision-making, is of quality. The framework is broken down into four parts: context, analysis, advice, and action. The framework provides a thorough explanation for each function. For example, in the advice section, the framework indicates which points are most important. Is the advice communicated in a clear, concise and compelling way? And how to best provide the recommendation (e.g. aide memoire, briefing paper, A3, slide pack, draft Cabinet paper) depending on the situation or the decision-maker’s preferences. This framework is useful for developed countries and (perhaps, especially) in developing countries where policy advisors should be held in higher accountability to deliver efficient, effective, and quality policy advice.

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