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Platform Design Toolkit is based on the tradition of service design thinking and the publishers intend it to overcome the limitations in traditional, linear, business modeling approaches. This methodology is based on a multi-sided, ecosystem based, platform model instead of a traditional product or service design. Those interested in building their "government as a platform" strategy or building a suite of digital or non-digital products or services would likely find value in this approach but should be adapted for a public sector context.

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One review for "Platform Design Toolkit"

  1. Nikola says:

    The multi-faceted approach of this toolkit makes it easier to use for activities tailored towards public sector innovations. It is one of the few toolkits that take into account the specificities of the sector it is intended for while combining elements from other toolkits such as that of the lean canvas. Notably, how introduces value-creating activities, government activities and ownership are coherent and intelligible. On the other hand, externalities on stakeholders are not defined and maybe adding some examples in brackets could be proven more helpful.

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