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The publisher defines Open Policy Making as developing and delivering policy in a fast-paced and increasingly networked and digital world through collaborative approaches, new analytical techniques, and testing and iteratively improving policy.
The manual includes information about Open Policy Making in the United Kingdom government as well as tools, step-by-step guidance and techniques policy makers can use to create more open and user led policy.

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One review for "Open Policy Making Toolkit"

  1. Inès Lr says:

    The Open Policy Making toolkit is a very detailed instrument that has proven to be helpful for a case study I worked on with other students. The manual offers step-by-step guidance that one can easily follow. In particular, it is divided into four parts – diagnosis, discovery, development, and delivery – which makes it a clear and comprehensive resource for anyone interested in innovative ways to design policies. In that sense, this toolkit is efficient in helping policymakers deliver policies that can face future changes such as digitalisation. It explores interactive methods and digital tools that can help both during the design and implementation phase.

    The approach presented in the Open Policy Making compels its users to view policy-making in a new light. I would definitely recommend this toolkit to anyone looking for innovative policy-making strategies and new approaches. The toolkit is a valuable tool for whoever is interested in engaging with new players in policy-making.

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