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Models of Impact

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A Role-Playing and Ideation Game That Simulates The Process Of Launching A Social Enterprise. The game walks players through a series of activities in order to simulate the process of ideating and launching a social enterprise in four steps: Learn, Invent, Program, and Report. It is available via a pay-what-you-want digital download, and includes instructions for gameplay, a glossary of 200+ business models, and a suite of other resources.



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2 reviews for "Models of Impact"

  1. Models of Impact is a Toolkit made by Verynice, a design strategy practice specialized in problem solving. It’s accessible for free, but the users can choose to donate what they like. Through four steps, LEARN, INVENT, PROGRAM and REPORT, it helps to launch social enterprises. Quite renowned, Models of Impact has received a lot of positive comments for its originality and simplicity to use. Even though all the files that appear upon downloading and unzipping the toolkit can seem complicated or discouraging, an useful word file that explains the guidelines is provided under the name “Start-Here”. With a participative approach that emphasizes different ideas and helps assemble them together, Models of Impact is a reliable tool for ideation. The only downside, if we can call it that, is that basic knowledge in design and impact are required for a proper use.

  2. Marie-Therese Bushige says:

    This toolkit aims to help social innovators everywhere to develop their ideas. It contains a set of tools and resources that you can use to turn a social innovation idea into a viable and effective initiative. The design of this toolkit is in my opinion complete for social innovation when I compare it to the social lean canvas toolkit, with 4 steps: learn, invent, program, and support. Each step is clearly explained and examples are provided to facilitate assimilation. it is also an interaction design in the broadest sense; it is the interaction between people that takes responsibility for positive systemic impact. It can take any physical or visible form, either in a workshop or another context, but it is focused on the dynamic and the invisible forces that drive human behavior. In addition, it makes the work easy by taking into account the importance of being relaxed when developing this kind of project.

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