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Knowledge creation and collective sense-making workshop

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The author provides step-by-step guidance on how to conduct a short term strategic planning workshop based on knowledge management and contextualisation frameworks used by the private company Cognitive Edge. The publisher's suggests that it can be used to conduct pre-hypothesis research project to understand a complex problem. The outputs are comprehensive sets of cultural indicators, knowledge objects (comprising both codified and experiential knowledge artefacts), and large volumes of tangible suggestions to address complex issues. Another key objective of these processes is to increase the levels of interaction and dialogue between key stakeholders whether internal to an organisation or external, thereby establishing new social networks, or increasing the cohesiveness of existing social networks. Previous experience with the Cognitive Edge frameworks and methods is helpful when approaching this resource.

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One review for "Knowledge creation and collective sense-making workshop"

  1. The Knowledge creation and collective sense-making workshop is a very useful toolkit to design a collective design thinking workshop. What makes this toolkit unique is not only the processes in which participants are expected to work on, but also how the toolkit gives an alternative way to display the output by putting them up on the wall. The combined work displayed on the walls made a powerful impact that conveyed the value received far more effectively than a documented report. It also gives participants the opportunity to see the whole picture and find out what their colleagues find as challenges and contribute to the solutions. The toolkit also presents several case studies where these tools have been used as well as some reviews from former participants. In my opinion, the toolkit has the ability to create a workshop that encourages teamwork and better understanding among colleagues that would lead to a better working environment.

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