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Futures Frequency

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Futures Frequency is a workshop method for groups of 8–20 people. This website provides tools for facilitating the workshop either online or in person. There are videos that introduce each theme and the facilitator’s handbook includes detailed steps for facilitating the group assignments.

Futures Frequency was developed by Sitra based on input from a development team in various fields. It's purpose is to increase participants’ ability to envisage different futures and take action towards the realisation of a preferred future. The workshop method is intended for use by anyone.

Futures Frequency can be adapted to the needs of various kinds of groups. The publisher suggests possible incorporation of megatrends to bring more depth, weak signals to add context, or other methods from their accompanying Futuremaker’s toolbox.

The resource includes a facilitators handbook with detailed instructions for each stage of the workshop and scripts for the facilitator’s spoken parts. The resource also includes materials to run the workshop, including a slide deck and online whiteboard tool template. The toolkit is available in English and Finnish.

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Futures and Foresight

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