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Foresight Training Manual

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This guide is a facilitation toolkit for staff at Horizons and others interested in practising the Horizons Foresight Method in their own organizations. Its aims are to build foresight literacy in general, to explain the Horizons Foresight Method in particular, and to build capacity for horizon scanning in the Canadian federal government and other organizations. It provides a detailed description of concepts and processes, divided into 6 modules. Modules include facilitation guides, tip sheets, exercises, and other resources.


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One review for "Foresight Training Manual"

  1. Nikola says:

    I had the chance to use this toolkit as an initial tool for my class of design thinking. It was effortless to identify our primary assumptions before we started with our project, yet its continuation or second phase was not as efficient. This is because when we reached the second stage and tested our assumptions, we felt that we did not know what to do with the assumptions that were not as robust. Were we supposed to eliminate them or carry them through our process? The unclear part of this toolkit does not allow the user to exploit its full potential.

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