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Digital Policy Model Canvas

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This canvas guides policy makers to derive specific policies and regulatory mechanisms in an agile and iterative manner – integrating both design thinking and evidence based policy making. An associated White Paper provides background on the approach.

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One review for "Digital Policy Model Canvas"

  1. Inès Lr says:

    The ‘Digital Policy Model Canvas’ toolkit provides support to policymakers who need to adapt to digital change. The template underlines different dimensions of design-thinking – partners, context, stakeholders, risk… – to help to incorporate digital transformation into new policies and regulatory mechanisms. Such an approach is therefore ideally adapted to the multiplicity of environments, situations and circumstances in which policy-making takes place, and particularly to the regional, national and transnational nature of contemporary policy-making. The layout of the canvas is very simple and straightforward, thereby easing its usage. This template can be used for specific issues as its structure allows it to adapt to various contexts. The ‘Digital Policy Model Canvas’ is a valuable resource for someone who needs support in structuring its approach to design. In that sense, the toolkit can be helpful for people with very different levels of knowledge on design-thinking. Also, the template could be the referring document for a workshop as it helps to structure group discussions.

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