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Atlassian Team Playbook

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This online interactive playbook is intended for teams to work better together in order to get things done. It is organised into Health Monitor (checks and activities for building team health), individual plays (filterable standalone activities), and game plans (series of plays for common use cases). The playbook organises the materials by project, service, and leadership team type, provides detailed instructions on how to run the plays and offers downloads of materials. Since many plays are adapted versions of other tools, licensing varies. However, many are licensed for reuse and further adaptation.

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One review for "Atlassian Team Playbook"

  1. The Atlassian Team Playbook is THE toolkit to use if you want to facilitate a conversation and gain team insights. You start with a health monitor, which is a sort of assessment of your team’s strengths and weaknesses so that you choose the right resources to work on. The Atlassian Team Playbook is well structured around different plays : depending on the areas you want to strengthen, you explore plays and take the appropriate measures. Time requested for the play and the number of people needed are always indicated, so you are never lost.

    A really important point is that these plays are freely available to anyone, to any team, you just need your computer and a good internet connexion to dive in the different team workshops ! When needed, the website provides you with a template.

    Due to COVID-19 and the remote work, we found that it had become more and more challenging to work in an intelligent and efficient way within our team. But through the play Work Life Impact, we managed to assess what changes had occured in our daily lives. It really improved our communication, alignment and team-empathy without being in the same location !
    Even though you can find some of these scenarios in other toolkits, these ones are entirely devoted to teamworks so do focus on these ones if you want to have an agile team.

    The plays convey different methodologies, it can suit a variety of teams regardless of their differences in objectives, skills and personality !

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