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Agile Evaluation Kit (Kit de Evaluación)

This kit explains how to evaluate a public policy approach/initiative, through the lens of several methodologies, including theory of change, agile (agilismo), deep dives ("Inmersiones profundas"), adaptive planning and adaptive management.

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One review for "Agile Evaluation Kit (Kit de Evaluación)"

  1. Julieta Barado says:

    This toolkit is insightful of different innovative tools concerning the evaluation of public policies and agile management. It gathers practical and theoretical insights. It deepens the information evoked in the Toolkit Recursero de evaluación, done by the same Ministry of Modernization of Argentina. It provides examples of the application of these tools in Latin American countries and applied to a variety of issues. It uses diagrams that make the information easier to read. As in the Recursero de evaluación, different colours are attributed to different steps or tools. This aspect helped me a lot when reading the big number of concepts that are evoked in the toolkit.
    It includes a glossary with new concepts that clarify and make it understandable for everybody. And it also recommends other lectures to deepen the knowledge about a variety of concepts. There is no need to be an expert to understand this toolkit.

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