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A User Manual for [me]

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A canvas for individual sharing about work preferences, meant for building good teams and working relationships. The publisher intends for this to be used for making preferences explicit but not for making demands. PDF and Adobe Illustrator file available.

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2 reviews for "A User Manual for [me]"

  1. One of the simplest and most effective tools I had the opportunity to use lately. Through a simple canvas of 8 categories, you get the opportunity to share with your team your work habits preferences and even the areas you need to work on.

    Before going further, you have to bear in mind that this tool is not made for everyone or for every company, because some may feel uncomfortable with this type of exercise and communication.

    But if you are eager to invest in your team and your people, then this tool is really made for you. On the one hand, it helps you communicate better. For existing teams, it enables your team to actually know each other instead of learning it through success and failures. While for new teams, you will have the opportunity to onboard better and in the end, perform better, like us. My team really appreciated the utilization of this canvas and even added small and fun lines in the category “other things to know about me”.

    Be careful in the examples you give though as you do not want personal canvases to look like demands about ways of receiving feedback or things they need in particular. It has to stay professional and useful so that the team communicates in a more open and effective way.

    In the end, you will see that everyone will have benefited from the time invested in learning more about oneself and the others !

  2. Charles says:

    I can definitely reccomend this as a quick and simple toolkit to help a team get to know each other. By giving each team member a chance to express themselves and their preferences, a lot of the misunderstandings and potential frictions in a team can be avoided. This is great starting point then and can serve as a cataylst for more authentic working relationships.
    Remaining professional and also bearing in mind that this is not a list of demands but rather an expression of preference is important otherwise the canvas could be used against people and become an obligation and limitation for the team. It’s important therefore to keep the answers simple, honest and professional whilst bearing in mind that they are not personal rules, but simply preferences expressed in good faith.
    If you are a new team, have new members or simply want to know each other more, then this is a good way of opening up and starting more open and meaningful conversations. This canvas of course will not replace those conversations but is a great starting point that is accessible to everyone.
    This said, some team members may not be comfortable with the idea and so communicating with the team beforehand and also keeping the canvas profesional can help mitigate this and stop some members feeling left-out.

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