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Basic BASIC:
Allows reuse

IDEO Design Kit Field Guide to Human-Centered Design

The Design Kit resource is both a downloadable PDF as well as online guidance on the different phases of a human-centered design process, organised by Mindsets, Methods (Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation), and Tools. The PDF is only downloadable from the website after creating a user account at IDEO. Website includes instructional videos on the techniques of various user-centered design methods and techniques.

Champion CHAMPION:
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Designing for Public Services

This resource offers on ways to do things differently by introducing basic guidance on the process of design thinking. It provides guidance on how to introduce this new approach into day-to-day work in the public sector. It was developed for both policymakers and people who design and deliver public services who need to make large changes in how they serve their citizens.
It includes guidance on creating an environment set up to do design work as well as an overview of some of the most commonly used methods. It includes guidance on how to respond to challenges to this approach as well as a few tools in the appendix.




Discipline or Practice


Basic BASIC:
Allows reuse

Paper Prototyping: A Guide For Surfacing Innovative Ideas More Quickly

This is a report produced in conjunction with IDEO after a 2-year initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation called Paper Prototyping, an effort to better inform investment decisions of the Foundation. While this resource is not a typical innovation toolkit, it was included because it describes an often implicit and invisible process of developing and testing proposals for innovative solutions to complex problems.

Discipline or Practice

Organisational Design

The Circular Design Guide

The current big shift in management - both public and private - is from linear models to circular models. This resource was designed to help innovators create more elegant, effective and creative solutions for circular economy. This resource allows users to explore new ways to create sustainable, resilient, long-lasting value in the circular economy. While it is oriented towards private sector manufacturing and products, it can also be helpful for public sector organisations to think about supporting more circular models, either externally or in their own operations. The resource is divided into sections: understand, define, make, and release circular innovations. The resource includes detailed step-by-step guidance on circular methods and mindsets, including videos, cases, and related resources. The guide also includes resources for putting circular strategies into action, including worksheets and packaged workshops with facilitator's guides, video lectures, and presentations.