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Basic BASIC:
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Social Lean Canvas

A mashup of the original Business Model Canvas with lean startup methodology built in, this canvas is intended for social entrepreneurs to validate their offering, prioritise what to develop, and message the offering. This could also be used by a government service provider.
The website includes a checklist to evaluate whether you will likely find value in using the canvas.


Akina Foundation

Discipline or Practice

Social Innovation

Policy Methods Toolbox

The Policy Methods Toolbox is a repository of policy development methods that helps policy practitioners identify and select the right approach for their policy initiative.
It is organised into four themes:
Start Right: a light touch approach to making the best start in policy projects.
Behavioural insights: the study of human behaviour, often drawing upon the empirical research in fields including economics, psychology and sociology.
Design thinking: also known as human-centred design, co-design and participatory design.
Public participation: engaging individuals and groups in the process of policy design and development, including the provision of information, consultation, collaboration and participatory decision-making.

Policy Quality Framework

The Policy Quality Framework describes the key characteristics of quality policy advice, as well as the ‘enablers’ of great advice, like considering multiple perspectives, good commissioning, quality assurance processes and work planning.
It is one of three improvement frameworks co-designed for and by the policy community in New Zealand to help government agencies improve their policy quality and capability.
It includes several policy assessments for different stages of the policy cycle and describes some "acid tests" to evaluate the quality of policy.

Discipline or Practice

Public Policy



New Zealand Digital Service Design Standard

The purpose of the standard is to provide guidance for those in the New Zealand government or anyone who designs or provides government services regarding the provision of accessible, integrated, inclusive public services. It includes principles, rationale, information on how to meet the standard, related implementation guidance and resources, and a glossary.

Discipline or Practice

Service Design

Digital transformation



Policy Quality


Discipline or Practice