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Agile Evaluation Kit (Kit de Evaluación)

This kit explains how to evaluate a public policy approach/initiative, through the lens of several methodologies, including theory of change, agile (agilismo), deep dives ("Inmersiones profundas"), adaptive planning and adaptive management.

Kit de Innovación (Innovation Kit – practical tools to impulse public innovation)

This kit discusses the fundamentals of innovation - immersion (understanding the context), problem definition, ideation, prototyping and testing

Open Government Kit – Transparency (Kit de Gobierno Abierto, Transparencia)

This kit presents the role of transparency within an open government system, including topics like visualisation of data, freedom of information laws, and communication strategies

Basic BASIC:
Allows reuse

Recursero de Evaluación

This tool is a condensed version of the Agile Evalution kit. It contains the key graphs and principles, including the Argentinian government's model on the lifecycle of innovation (Planificacion, Monitoreo, Evaluacion), theory of chain explanation, proposed learning modules, a Logic Model matrix of indicators, and several lists of evaluation questions.

Hero HERO:
Editable source files available

Argentina Estándares de Servicios Digitales

Principles and guidance for developing digital services in Argentina and beyond. The resource is available in a Github repository and includes 9 principles, indicators, and standards for API's, website, mobile applications, and others.