Innovation Declaration

Multi-faceted innovation requires diverse strategies

Governments today face all kinds of challenges that often demand new ways of working. Governments must innovate. While some certainly do, in general, the maturity of innovation around the world is uneven. Innovation is often sporadic, not always well supported and is difficult to embed as a practice. If governments are thinking about how to innovate, they must also think carefully about how best to support different kinds of innovation, suited to different kinds of challenges. They need coherent, yet diverse, innovation strategies. They need a balanced ‘innovation portfolio’.

The Declaration outlines useful principles and actions governments can use

In recognition of the need for a portfolio approach, OPSI has developed a Draft OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation. It is a framework and set of principles that governments can use to inform their country’s own planning and strategising to foster innovation better.

An OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation can help direct attention to the need for new approaches and call for more robust and deliberate strategies to support it.

If governments choose to sign on to the Declaration, they are free to use it in ways that make sense for their context. In general, a Declaration can help a government to:

  • Signal the importance of innovation and encourages governments to see innovation as a possible, viable option to policy challenges.
  • Create a language around ways to approach common innovation challenges.
  • Provide a framework to configure different types of innovation initiatives.
  • Recognise that there are different kinds of innovation, suited to different kinds of goals or outcomes, and set out how multi-faceted innovation could be managed.

Have your say in the Declaration

The Declaration on Public Sector innovation was open from the 20 of November 2018 to 22 of February 2019 and was held online, via a digital consultation platform. The Declaration was iterated and we will provide an update soon of its passage through internal OECD decision-making bodies soon.

Join the ‘Declare to Innovate’ campaign

We created this Declaration on Public Sector Innovation to affirm that governments need to find new ways of contending with complex challenges, if it is continue to serve citizens well. If you support this aim and want to show that you have participated in the consultation, download  and print the Declare to Innovate poster and snap a picture of yourself. Tweet the photo to OPSIgov to show us that you have had your say in the #opsideclaration

If you have any questions, you can reach OPSI at [email protected] 



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