Transparency, participation and accountability in the Justice sector

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The Government of Argentina is implementing transparency, participation and accountability in the judiciary through two flagship initiatives from the Ministry of Justice: Open Justice and Justice 2020. Open Justice is an open data portal, and Justice 2020 is a civic engagement platform. Through these initiatives, the government is seeking to improve the relationship between society and the justice sector as well as justice service delivery.

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The innovation consists of the synergy of two different Programs: Open Justice and Justice 2020.

Open Justice is focused on transparency and accountability in the justice sector. The program developed and maintains an Open Data Portal ( that publishes datasets with relevant information from a wide range of justice-related topics (access to justice, fight against corruption, human rights and criminal justice, among others), following the philosophy of open data. Additionally, as Argentina is a federal country, the Ministry promoted a wide agreement with over 50 national and sub-national judicial institutions to standardize and publish judicial statistics and information.

On the other hand, Justice 2020 ( consists in a digital platform for civil society participation in justice-related issues through an innovative approach. Initiatives and projects submitted by the Ministry are presented to 20 work teams. Participation is open to civil society: anyone is allowed to debate any topic in virtual debates and in-person workshops. Officials responsible for the initiatives are the ones who read and reply to every online contribution. The results of the participative process are already being taken as flagship initiatives by the Ministry to promote institutional reform in the country's Justice system.

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  1. Excelente trabajo, de alta calidad, y realizado con un liderazgo participativo difícil de lograr en la Justicia Argentina.
    Se destaca la visión tenida al momento del diseño del programa.

  2. Acceso a la Justicia, patrocinio gratuito a Víctimas de delitos viales, seguimiento del proceso judicial, celeridad en la resolución de casos, son algunos de los muchos aspectos que un sistema judicial debe desarrollar para ser protagonista en aportar significativamente en la lucha contra la violencia vial.

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Year: 2016
Level of government: National/Federal government


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