The Tree of Truth

The tree of truth project was called to life in the beginning of 2019 together with Estonian main government office. We tried to solve the problem of how to display the 135 most important indicators of Estonian life to express the health of Estonian society.

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The Tree of Truth represents the 135 most important indicators, as defined by the Estonian main government office, and which originated from 3 different government development plans:
1) Estonian current development plan goals for 2020
2) Estonian long term development plan for 2035
3) Sustainable development goals

Every leaf represents an indicator, and therefore together showing the health of Estonian society:
- Green leaves show that everything is OK with the indicator - the value is positive or it has a positive trend;
- Yellow leaves show that the indicator is stable or has not yet moved towards an expected value;
- Red leaves show that something is wrong or the trend of the indicator is clearly negative.

If you click on a leaf, there emerges more detailed information for each indicator, explaining the value and showing the values from the past periods to compare.

The Tree of Truth is a customized platform, which was designed to meet the needs of Statistics Estonia. We wanted to show the 135 indicators in a one single view to visualize the health of Estonian society: the greener the tree, the better we are doing. As the Tree of Truth is an oak tree, it is important to mention that the oak tree is Estonia's national tree.

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Year: 2019
Level of government: National/Federal government


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