Solution 100 -challenge prize (Crowdsourcing the challenge)

Who gets to set the direction of travel has been identified as a key concern of challenge led policy. Utilising an online crowdsourcing tool, the challenge prize Solution 100 provided a novel approach to addressing this question. By crowdsourcing the challenge formulation, the competition organisers built legitimacy for the prize along with a deep understanding of the challenge that was to be addressed. The chosen method combined knowledge gained through crowdsourcing and expert panels.

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Ratkaisu 100 challenge prize sought solutions to key future challenges in the spheres of education and work. It was organised by Sitra, the Finnish innovation fund in 2016 and 2017 in celebration of Finland’s centennial. The competition called for social innovations that could catalyse the effective identification and utilisation of people’s expertise and abilities in a context where human resources and knowledge frequently move across boundaries.

The two winning teams, Positive CV and Headai were granted a total of one million euros to implement their ideas. The winners were chosen by an independent, seven-person jury. The jury assessed the effectiveness, innovativeness and feasibility of each solution.

Over the two-year period, Ratkaisu 100 progressed through three stages. First, members of the general public were asked what they thought was the most important social challenge affecting the whole of Finland. Next, Sitra launched a public call for teams with diverse backgrounds who were motivated to create innovative solutions. The call was open for anyone to submit their proposal. In the last stage, the teams received incubation support while competing to develop the most promising social innovation.

The bottom-up approach to defining the challenge at the beginning of the challenge prize process gave us the necessary legitimacy for the rest of the competition. As well as creating the public visibility that was a pre-condition for the success of the prize, the crowdsourcing process provided us with exceptional knowledge of the challenge that the prize set out to address.

The crowdsourcing process developed in three stages. First, the general public were asked through an open online vote what they perceived as the most important social challenge affecting Finland’s future. The responses were gathered on an online platform, where it was also possible to comment on other people’s ideas. In total, a 1000 challenges were put forward.

For a detailed definition of the challenge, an impartial 25 member expert panel was assembled. This panel familiarised itself with the proposals, examined the scientific evidence behind them, as well as spoke to various experts that worked on the questions in Finland.

The panel formulated four challenges, which were then put forward to the public for a vote. A well-known media person was chosen as a representative for each of the four challenges.

After a total of 3000 received votes, the following challenge formulation was chosen: To develop a solution that allows for the more effective identification and utilisation of expertise and capabilities in a world where people and information move from country to country more than ever before.

In sum, the challenge prize constitutes an extremely important case in examining the affordances of novel technologies in engaging the public when setting the direction of policies. It forms an important successful case in addressing one of the key concerns in challenge/mission led policy, i.e. ensuring that citizens are deeply involved in co-creating the missions/challenges that matter to society.

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