Safematics Smart Safety System – 4S Solution

Under the Public Sector Trial Scheme, this project aims to examine how to enhance the drivers' behavior by trial on the public sectors' vehicles by using driving safety modules - Safematics Smart Safety System (4S Solution) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS to help drivers in the driving process. Through this, the government has a way of improving drivers' driving behavior and get more useful data to study the road design in urban settings.

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Our product Safematics Solution targets the newly-emerged segment of connected cars, makes good use of their characteristics and promotes driving safety among them. Safety is of the utmost importance for driving, but a universal standard of safe driving has never been set up however. In light of this, Safematics Solution strives to formulate such a standard, turning the abstract concept of driving risk to a quantifiable variable and then reduce the risk.

To attain this, a host of relevant and accurate data is being collected and analyzed. The accuracy of the data is guaranteed by linking up with an advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) such as Mobileye, which minimizes and sometimes eradicates the probable errors inevitably incurred by using other technology like GPS. Yet Mobileye is not the solely applicable ADAS to Safematics Solution, other ADASs could also be utilized if required. Other than ADAS, Safematics Solution also has the expansion capability to link up with other in-vehicle safety devices such as speed limiter, with which patented technology will be allowed to dynamically control vehicle speed in the presence of a micro controller.

Furthermore, Safematics Solution is the first hardware which comprises both car camera function and driving behavior analytics. Other than the typical functions of a car travelling data recorder, Safematics Solution has data overlay on video, which could further enhance the management efficiency of the fleets.

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Year: 2018
Level of government: Local government


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