Rapid, optical and global detection tool against counterfeits in every pocket

TrueMed will change the brand protection market with modern AI based software approach for detecting originals and counterfeits around the world. TrueMed’s innovation is the next generation method for rapidly detecting goods, at any point of distribution, by customs or even consumers. It can be used by brand owners and authorities in global and cross-border collaborations. It is 100% non-additive, hence very cost-effective, agile, and capable of being adopted to different use cases.

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The entire counterfeit market in 2020 was approximately €1700 billion and growing at a CAGR rate of 18%. According to statistics from the WHO, counterfeit medicines cause the death of up to one million people every year.

The pharmaceutical industry, regulators, public health and customs have checkpoints where the validity of products is assessed. Due to the complexity of the supply chain, counterfeits still find a way into distribution even in the most developed countries. Consumers, re-sellers and hospitals have no instant and global means of checking if goods are authentic or not.

TrueMed® is the world’s first counterfeit detection service in every pocket that can instantly identify and track counterfeit packages and pills, powders and vials. It is the first solution that can be used throughout the value chain from raw material suppliers to consumers and hospitals. With the patent-pending deep-tech of TrueMed®, users scan the target, e.g. a package by using the TrueMed® mobile app. Image processing combines proprietary AI and Computer Vision techniques. In only a few seconds, the user will know if the scanned target is a counterfeit or not.

The main advantages of TrueMed® are:
- Not having to add anything to the medicines, packages or supply chain which results in multimillion savings per brand.
- Works instantly with new as well as with established products and packages already distributed. Virtually every market is accessible.
- Offers unique comparison, forensics, analytics and reporting tools to provide totally new data for law enforcement purposes.
- Wide coverage: Latest AI technology made available and scalable in every smartphone globally.

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Year: 2019
Level of government: Regional/State government


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