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The Government of Tanzania has implemented a budgeting solution, developed with Isidore, for the collection, analysis and reporting of public revenue and expenses. The budget process is complicated from having diverse streams of revenue and expenses including donor funding, project outcomes, staff and capital works, which must be input by all Ministries and their personnel who are geographically dispersed. The final consolidated results are required in time for Parliament to ratify.

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This Centralised Budgeting Software innovation in Tanzania solves the problem of collecting extensive amounts of public financial related data from many different sources in a short time, for the allocation of public funding. Not only is the vast detail required in summary but also the transparency, audit ability and outcome of donor funding and detail of projects undertaken.

The innovation is software which completes the full budget cycle, in conjunction with a refined method, to reduce the time and effort required for this process.

The goals of the Centralised Budgeting Software included being able to provide for the timely collection of budget detail within the time frame specified, training of staff who would be using the software, replacement of the existing software to the same or better standard and the ability to enhance the software in the future.

Those who benefited from the innovation included the Ministry of Finance, who were the main administrators and coordinators of the process and were responsible for the successful completion of the setting of budgets, the personnel in the 90 Ministries who were required to provide their detail within the constraints set by the Ministry of Finance and the country themselves for having a more complete, accurate and efficient process.

The centralised budgeting software has already been identified for the collection of additional information that can be input for use in centralised reporting and analysis to further add to the benefit received and improve the outcomes and transparency of Government. More enhancements will be made in Tanzania as resources are freed from the previous inefficient process, to be able to see what additional value could be added to the normal detail relied upon.

The replication opportunities for this centralised budgeting solution exist in all Developing Countries where the process is not properly matched with suitable software and indeed any public jurisdiction, country or entity where transparency, timeliness, accuracy, efficiency and completeness are required.

We combined an understanding of public sector budgeting with the current and desired budget process being utilised in Tanzania to determine the optimal outcome. Having a very agile method of project discussion, development and quick release allowed refinements to occur within the short time frame.

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Year: 2018
Level of government: National/Federal government


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