In order to rebuild the relationship between the administration and its stakeholders, the Chamber of Commerce of the Italian city of Cosenza has initiated project #OpenCameraCosenza. To achieve this objective, #OpenCameraConsenza rearranged the organizational and communication structures and together with the legal representative, the communications team used different tools to reach the administration's stakeholders: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Aurasma app, Qr-codes and the website.

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#OpenCameraConsenza insists on “openness”: an administration ready to engage with and listen to its stakeholders. The final goal of #OpenCameraCosenza is to reach the majority of stakeholders with useful information through informal channels (social networks, apps, etc.). In this way, the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza becomes closer to users' needs, involving them in a virtuous circle of improvement of both the services and functions of the administration.

Organizational restructuring was necessary to foster change in units’ daily work, to accommodate units’ priorities, initiate new programs, enhance organizational effectiveness, and address budget reductions. After the reorganization and the job rotation in 2016, the workload has now been redistributed, and each employee is able to carry on duties aligned with his/her skills. Employees particularly interested in new media, who followed specific training, are now responsible for the communication of the Chamber.

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