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“Azerishiq” OJSC has created an innovative and enhanced e-service for providing electricity of up to 150 kilowatts to the existing or under-construction buildings of entrepreneurs.  As a result of these reforms, entrepreneurs will be able to apply for an electricity connection through the One Window system online by visiting website and the entrepreneur’s business will be provided with electricity within 20 days.

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In the last 10 years, Azerbaijan has been improving the delivery capabilities of the Public Sector, which remains a principal factor for economic and social progress of the country. “Azerishiq” Open Joint Stock Company – the power distribution operator of Azerbaijan that executes the distribution of electricity throughout the country - carried out several reforms aimed at simplifying the connection to power grid. The objective of the reforms are to provide 100% electronic service, reduce expenses and time spent by citizens, reduce the period of time it takes from applying to connect to the grid (and the associated bureaucratic procedures), increase transparency and strengthen the fight against corruption, meet higher minimum standards, upgrade the level of professionalism and better observe ethical rules and good behaviour vis-à-vis the citizens.

Under new reforms, Azerishiq OJSC simplified the process for connecting to the electricity grid for existing or under construction entrepreneur’s facilities with a required capacity up to 150 kilowatt. According to the new reforms, the entrepreneur can now apply online to access electricity through the One Window system, by visiting An entrepreneur who accesses the electronic application management system (EMIOS) of Azerishiq OJSC by clicking the link will be automatically transferred to the e-Government portal, and, as the system is integrated with other government agencies (State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy , State Service for Property Issue under the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Internal Affairs information system, Electronic Payment System and etc.), the entrepreneur may access whatever information (taxes identification number, property registering information, ID information and etc.) related to themselves from the general database online. The uniqueness of the innovation is that there is no communication between government employee and the entrepreneur - the entrepreneur communicates only with electronic system.

At the same time, the entrepreneurs may still visit the existing “ASAN Service” centres available countrywide if they so wish, and can apply online there with the assistance of volunteers. Volunteers help entrepreneurs to get electricity through the online EMIOS system. The procedure for the entrepreneur to connect to the electrical grid through the One Window system is as follows:

Procedure 1 (10 days):
o The entrepreneur applies electronically at or “Asan Service” centres using the One Window system. By using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping technology, the Azerishiq OJSC representative identifies the nearest power center to facility and uploads an extract from the map into the Asan portal.
o The Technical Council obtains electronic approval for the route of the electrical line from the relevant entities (ministries, agencies etc.)

Procedure 2 (10 days):
o Based on detailed design documentation prepared by Azerishiq OJSC, electrical-installation works are implemented, a meter is installed and a voltage is processed;
o The entrepreneur who came to the “Asan Service” centers or applied online second time is invited to the facility;
o Technical specification, design, certificate, contract and other documents are handed over to the entrepreneur.

As a result of these innovative reforms the entrepreneur is contacted only twice: when applied online and when a voltage is processed. As a result entrepreneur’s business is provided with electricity within 20 days.
The One Window system services created by the “Azerishiq” OJSC based on principles of operability, transparency, ethical behavior, responsibility and comfort, which allows entrepreneurs get electricity quickly and provided with high quality services.

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Year: 2017
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