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The project of monitoring open government commitments was developed with the objective of guaranteeing the fulfillment of the Brazilian initiatives in the scope of the Open Government Partnership. It is a process carried out jointly, periodically and proactively by government and civil society, with significant results for society as a whole. This approach is materialized through specific monitoring and evaluation actions that provide transparency regarding the implementation of Brazilian OGP commitments.

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The initiative of monitoring open government actions was developed to answer the need of the Brazilian government to carry out a more participatory, precise and periodic follow-up of National Actions Plans commitments in the scope of Open Government Partnership (OGP). This new monitoring format has been implemented since the Third National Action Plan (NAP) and its objective is to ensure a more effective and continuous involvement of partners and collaborators, being civil society representatives or government officials, in the execution of the actions.
The monitoring of the Third National Action Plan, coordinated by the CGU in partnership with the Civil Society’s Working Group, aims to provide the parties involved in the implementation of the commitments with updated, simple and objective information, so that corrections and potential adjustments can be timely made. With this perspective in mind, milestones, deadlines, and the parties responsible for the implementation of each action were already determined during the co-creation workshops. It is believed that this measure enabled a proactive performance of the government and of the civil society, which intervene as soon as any difficulty to implement the commitments within a body or an entity is identified.
Among the monitoring actions are the holding of semi-annual meetings, with the joint participation of commitments coordinators, of semi-annual specific meetings with the teams involved in each commitment, of bi-monthly follow-up reports, named Execution Status Reports (RSE), which are forwarded by each commitment coordinator and the publication of information and results in an active transparency website (
This monitoring format is beneficial as it establishes a change in the governance system, ensuring more transparency, social participation, and pro-citizen approach. In addition, well-designed procedures favor the monitoring of actions implementation by society.

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