“Joint effort towards best results” Result oriented management and stakeholders engagement as an example of modern and effective public administration represented by Opolskie Revenue Administration.

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In light of the merger of three fiscal agencies into one, the Opolskie Revenue Administration developed a management model aimed at achieving the best results which is tailored to the needs and expectations of employees and the surrounding society. The new management model obtained a better understanding of the tax administration's mission by the local community by focusing on: user-centricity; stakeholder involvement in tax office to show transparency and public involvement; and listening campaigns.

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Management is only effective if it covers all the key aspects of the institution's work. After consolidation, which took place in 2017, three main administrations of tax, custom and fiscal control were combined into one large organization. Consolidation, which united the forces of many differently operated and managed offices, required the adoption of new, innovative management methods. This was one of the main reasons for introducing a new management model in the Opolskie Revenue Administration, which on one hand combines elements related to a high standard of services provided by focusing on achieving the best results and on the other hand takes into account the human aspects.

As a part of the project, cooperation was started with many organizations, institutions, associations of taxpayers and their advisors, representatives of science and education, the Police, services and public institutions, etc.

The goal was to fully involve all possible parties in tax processes as well as to cooperate in the implementation of tasks. Using synergy, the forces of many services and people were combined. That not only resulted in reduced operating costs but also facilitated the achievement of strategic goals; high quality of services; increased level of voluntary tax compliance; and the positive image of Opolskie Revenue Administration in the eyes of the society. What was impossible at the beginning was achieved - better results were obtained with the involvement of fewer resources and limited financial outlays.

We assumed that both combining the auxiliary processes of many offices and cooperation in the performance of basic activities require uniform procedures for systematizing rules of conduct and effective internal and external communication process. The special attention has been paid to the improvement of the professional qualifications of employees and management, creating the opportunity to participate in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, workshops, etc. Joint training and meetings are held to improve the professional qualifications of employees and to exchange good practices. An important issue was also the improvement of communication. Innovative methods of internal communication based on electronic communication channels have been introduced, including changes in the way of meetings of both leaders as well as meetings with employees using online video conferencing. As a result, the management of revenue administration distributed in the whole Opolskie region is more efficient, with quick reactions to problem engagement and decision-making, and also significantly reduced operating costs.

Particular emphasis was placed on creating a system of external communication with taxpayers, their advisers, organizations, institutions and the academic environment by engaging the external environment in undertaking joint activities. Listening to the voice of the local community, priorities and levels of action were set. The widest range of interests covered the academic environment focusing on training and innovative technological solutions needed by the Revenue Administration. The best example of this is cooperation with the University of Technology. It covers many aspects of the business, including the development of an IT program in the field of IT systems consolidation and risk management support, an organization of free studies for officials and internships for students, organization of joint conferences and information campaigns. It is tailored to the needs and expectations of all parties and ensures the exchange of knowledge and new technological solutions. Cooperation in a similar scope was undertaken with schools.
Another example is cooperation with the prison service in the area of unpaid work of prisoners in the repairs of the buildings of the entire region. It allows for the reduction of operating costs and provision of ongoing assistance in real estate administration.
An example of cooperation aimed mainly at streamlining work are agreements with the police, border guards and other public administration institutions in the area of joint actions aimed at tax and customs frauds and crimes reduction. A joint effort of various services allows us to improve work efficiency.
However, in order for the activities that are undertaken by the Opolskie Revenue Administration to be correctly perceived by the local community, cooperation was initiated with local media, the Business Center Club, etc. Additionally employees participate in local and regional events, conferences and meetings, providing information about taxes and helping taxpayers fulfill their tax obligations.
This is a win-win situation. All involved and cooperating parties benefit. Employees are better prepared for work and better trained, local society is satisfied with the possibility of co-deciding on important matters, and taxpayers have a sense of tax justice and are satisfied with the high standard of services provided.

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Year: 2017
Level of government: Regional/State government


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