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The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia has developed a new communication platform with its audience - iNovuss, an open-air innovation festival that brings together multiple target groups and facilitates interaction between them, changing the perception of public service delivery. This festival allows to engage with the audience in a more cost effective way and mainly covers but is not limited to these topics - technology, innovation, tourism, education, research, exports and investments.

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The innovation - the communication platform iNovuss - is a tool that allows effective outreach to the multiple target groups of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). It is a unique format in the Baltic and Nordic region for targeting state priorities in tech transfer, business development, investment promotion and cooperation between public and private sector, creating knowledge base, facilitating information exchange between partners for further development of ideas and business opportunities. The goal was to make a shift from organizing multiple events every year where topics and target audience often overlap to a more effective and interactive engagement. The LIAA operates in a number of areas - technology and innovation, support for entrepreneurship, exports, investments and tourism. Various events are frequently organised in order to reach the target groups of each area, however, due to the large number of events available and necessity to establish synergy and dialogue between areas, organisation was often challenging.

iNovuss is an open-air, family-friendly festival with multiple stages each focusing on a different area where LIAA is engaged in and together providing 19 different forms of engagement - workshops, lectures, interactive games, talks, discussions, meetings, pitches etc. The content for each of the stages was developed in-house by LIAA and in collaboration with key stakeholders and partners – 15 state and municipal organisations, 8 universities, 39 opinion leaders, 20 musicians and numerous innovators and developers from all fields and industries. The main topics covered in the festival were: investments, exports, science, entrepreneurship, technological development, support instruments and innovation horizontally across all topics.

The goal was to reach at least 10 000 participants and cover all the operational areas of LIAA with tailored content, facilitating interaction between target groups and increasing their engagement while saving costs.

The festival gathered 16 000 unique visitors. If previously LIAA spent around 140 euros in traditional conferences to reach one person, this platform achieves the same result for just 31,25 EUR/person. LIAA invested 700 euros in the social network campaign, because it knew that if a conversation worth engaging, people will do the talking themselves - and they did. The story reached 24.3% of all social media users in Latvia, and 48 000 unique visitors came to the event website during the festival. In total 182,500 people were reached.

It is envisioned that the festival will grow in terms of unique participants but also go deeper content-wise - mixing the topics and building bottom-up ecosystems. The innovation festival iNovuss enabled to link multiple different but inter-dependent topics and target audiences, facilitatin better citizen engagement, raising awareness about innovation and stimulating entrepreneurial activities. Importantly, it also helped to change the society's perception of government institutions, policy making and policy implementation.

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Year: 2019
Level of government: National/Federal government


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