The imIN-hub aims to envision health services for the citizen of tomorrow. It focuses on developing and adapting towards innovation products, services and training in the areas of eHealth, ICT, Mobile, AI, and Robotics. The project aims to take targeted actions to achieve a digital health model closer to citizens at every stage of their life. The imIN-hub seeks to be the backbone of health innovation in Portugal while working on internal innovation of the national public health company (SPMS) alongside the community.

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Portugal lacks the institutionalisation of innovation in its public health system. Although SPMS, as a public company with an innovative DNA, have been filling such a gap through its portfolio of products and services, the system lacks a leader of innovation in health. After hosting three editions of eHealth Summit ( there was the opportunity of using this public crowdsourcing platform to cement the company's position as an innovation leader, not just through events, but as part of its core business. Thanks to its expertise and know-how, and through the right governance and strategy, the SPMS was able to focus on innovation and hub the best ideas and solutions with the potential to improve both the company itself and the country's public health system.
For SPMS, innovation is not just creating a new product or solution; it is the most suitable way to satisfy a need, which can be made through something new or through the improvement of quality on something that already exists.

Two key drivers were identified for innovation: the organization (SPMS) and the Public Health Sector.
When considering the goals to attend these two drivers, it was decided to:
1) innovate the company by digitalising all its aspects and improving processes efficiency, thereby enabling employees to feel empowered to think about the future of the company and of the public health sector more generally;
2) innovate the public health sector by renovating the company's portfolio of products and services so it can meet the needs and expectations of the citizen of tomorrow.
Working towards these two goals, the team realised that it could benefit from the experience of the eHealth Summit as well as from the know-how and position of the event's participants. For this reason, the imIN-Hub was created as an open space where internal agents can join forces with external voices of transformation.

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Year: 2020
Level of government: National/Federal government


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