Hundreds of organizations want to create innovation laboratories but do not know how to do it. ILabthon is an event created to foster this creation with the support of the best specialists in the public sector. The event helped to create more than 130 laboratory projects across all regions in Brazil and 3 others countries in a single weekend, boosting the Brazilian public sector's innovation ecosystem.

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ILabthon was the first marathon in the world to create innovation laboratories in the public sector, held from January 20 to 31, 2021. It was led by the Conexão Inovação Pública RJ network with the support of more than 60 partners, including 27 public sector innovation laboratories.

The initiative was fully online and free. It used a “hands-on” format with gamification methods to encourage participating teams to collectively build a “minimum viable product” of an innovation laboratory with five fundamental dimensions: Strategy, Services, Structure, Learning and Communication.

In addition to creating something real and having to do their own time management, participants made numerous new connections, both with members of other teams - there were 1327 participants in total - and with the mentors and invited speakers - 132 in total. Participants therefore benefited from a support network for the continuation of projects even after the marathon.

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  1. It was a nice mixture of pride and happiness in taking part (collaboration in planning and acting in specific roles during the iLabthon) of this momentous event! Long live iLabthon!

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  • Diffusing Lessons - using what was learnt to inform other projects and understanding how the innovation can be applied in other ways

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