Educational Entrepreneurship Incubator for Educators from the Field

Public education systems around the world are struggling to find their way to innovate. Top-Down reforms have failed to achieve the needed transformation. Mifras has created and successfully implemented an innovative model to transfer schools into hubs of educational innovation. With a focus on supporting school administrators to establish an intrapreneurial culture and ensure sustainability of innovation developed for continued creation of relevant education ventures at their schools.

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Educators in the field are the most important professionals in transforming the education system into a relevant and advanced one, for the benefit of children, teachers, communities and society.
Unfortunately, both the educators themselves, and the "system", do not recognise this powerful potential. This is where tools and methodologies from the technological innovation domain are required. This is what the incubator does from a methodological standpoint – develop an intrapreneurship mindset, capabilities and actions, which allow educators to push forward the needed solutions to the tremendous challenges faced. Each school principal who participates in the 2-year incubator programme, immediately affects 20-150 teachers, which impacts 200-2000 children and many more within the school community. Since 2012, over 200 schools became entrepreneurship hubs, impacting over 10,000 teachers and 120,000 students of all ages. The official acknowledgment by the government came in 2014, when the Ministry of Education matched the programme's philanthropic funds, doubling the incubator budget and tripling its capacity. They also adopted the innovation as a formal outcome of the system and appointed Mifras as a consultant to the development of an intrapreneurial culture at the ministerial level.
For the future, the hope is to impact to all schools in Israel and other education systems around the world, promoting more disruptive innovation initiatives and allowing educators not only to lead educational intrapreneurial innovation, but to also bravely challenge some of the very basic assumptions of modern education. This will translate into creating new forms of learning processes and child development mechanisms.

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