Innovation helps citizens extract value from open data on the use of public funds and fosters accountability of public authorities for goods, services and works purchased. With the help of the electronic platform, the citizens and business can complain about non-competitive behaviour, poor quality or check the efficiency of procurement by their city council, school, hospital. Introduction of AI-powered risk monitoring allowed anyone to find and act upon violations in a fast and simple manner.

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Three years after the digitalisation of contracting, the e-procurement system (Prozorro) allowed to narrow the bottlenecks for corruption and saved about USD 2,5 billion for the national economy in 3 years. Rapid digital transformation and improvements introduced brought transparency and made public information on public contacting - operation worth 15% of the country GDP - accessible to anyone. However, the sector remained largely corrupted and given its volume - 4500 tenders per day - required close oversight to ensure compliance, equal access to the market and fair competition principles are being adhered. To give voice to those, whose rights are being violated, be it a taxpayer or discriminated business, Transparency International Ukraine launched DOZORRO - end-to-end feedback platform to accumulate and react to these violations.
The online platform allows business whose rights are violated to leave the structured feedback on the tender, buyer, another bidder etc. and the party to which the complaint is addressed to respond and eliminate the violation once confirmed. In case no reaction follows, the case could be forwarded to one of the experts to investigate the case. If the violation is validated, the appeal to the controlling bodies is submitted. The complainant has the opportunity also to rate the quality of responses from 1 to 5, and the tenders in which no response to the complain followed or where the satisfaction rate was below 3 are marked as risky and highlighted on the platform. Those tenders are prioritised for the review by civil society organisations monitoring procurement.
The innovation aims to unite advocates of the effective allocation of the taxpayers money to ensure equal rules in the public procurement and best value for goods, services and works purchased by the state for the benefit of the citizens.
We provide relevant expertise and deploy technical solutions enabling anyone - the supplier, the procuring entity, the controlling agency or any citizen - to identify, react to and report wrongdoings in public spending. TI Ukraine also seeks to channel the benefit of the open data on public spending to the civil society in the regions, including business and facilitate data-driven decision making in the sector of public procurement. The innovation has also proven to contribute to curbing corruption in the sector and shifted the anti-corruption paradigm in public procurement from the reactive mode to the preventive mode.
More than 930 000 of unique users have used the DOZORRO portal over 2 years and more than 84 000 of feedback units were recorded.
The system enabled to close the feedback loop and fostered trust by the business sector in the integrity of the public contracting process in the country. As all the feedback and track record of violations is aggregated on the portal in the supplier of buyer profile, anyone could review practice and integrity of the entity. The main beneficiaries are, therefore: a) procuring entities (local authorities, state enterprises) that are checking due diligence of the bidders to guarantee the best value for money b) businesses - to market research and the benchmark against other competitors c) investigative journalists conduction anti-corruption investigations d) citizens, able to check suppliers of the goods, services and works they are beneficiaries of (nutrition at schools, road reconstruction, public spaces)
e) oversight  and prosecuting bodies - the bodies have opportunities to check for the violations in the public procurement to detect uncompetitive behaviour in a timely manner and react to them on the early stage.

DOZORRO is planning to deploy an electronic appeal mechanism that would direct the complaints to the respective controlling bodies for the review. To increase the usability of the innovation, the functionality that would allow receiving notifications for specific tender, bidder, buyer or status change the users subscribe to (for example, violations confirmed). In addition, DOZORRO uses open-source tools which make the system highly replicable elsewhere and already consulted Moldova and Poland on the application of similar functionality for their most prominent open data portals.

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Year: 2016
Organisation Type: Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

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