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As we grow old our functional abilities decline affecting our lives significantly. Early detection in old age can prevent/preserve functional decline. Yet the existing solutions to this matter aren't proven as effective enough. JDC Israel, Invisi.care and Tel Aviv municipality are examining a unique product, leveraging existing data accumulated by telecom operators into an inexpensive effective large-scale proactive early detection tool. Enabling a new approach to prevention oriented services.

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As we grow old our functional abilities decline affecting our lives significantly. Implications of functional decline can severely affect different abilities, quality of life and even lead to death. Early detection in old age can enable preventive interventions to preserve function and prevent decline. Yet the existing solutions for early detection are complicated to implement on a large scale. Unfortunately, too often interventions are only applied after an incident or acute event. Being able to detect a negative trend before it develops into functional decline\acute event sounds futuristic, but with Invisi.care the future is closer than we think.
Invisi.care is an Israeli start up on a mission to reduce age related avoidable pain, suffering, and expenses. Invisi.care excel in a unique approach of transforming existing non-medical data accumulated by telecom operators into an inexpensive, effective, interaction/hardware free and scalable early detection tool for functional deterioration in older adults. invisi.care's novel seamless, remote monitoring technology approach is based on deep behavioral analysis and revolutionary propriety machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, which enables it to identify and predict functional deterioration for early intervention. Early detection of this nature can significantly raise effectiveness of prevention-oriented interventions, resulting in maximizing older adults' potential for healthy and successful aging.
This allows invisi.care to be the first to provide an effective transparent 24/7 function monitoring for older adults without any interruptions to their daily life and virtually zero "breaking in" period. The impact on the target market and the industry is enormous - for the first time, an inexpensive population-wide solution is offered that can substantially improve the lives of older adults while reducing the burden for both family caregivers, and health and welfare systems.
Nevertheless, early detection is only half of the solution. The second crucial element are the service/care providers that can reach the older adults and provide the necessary personalized intervention. The public/social sectors are essential key players that can complete the picture and enable achieving the desired outcome for older adults. Yet this is not an easy task, requiring the public and social sector to accept technology data driven approaches and accept a new technological tool into existing work and decision-making procedures.
We recognize three unique advantages of integrating invisi.care's product into the public and social sectors:
-Vanguard insights regarding older adults – enabling better identification of at risk older adults leading to improved planning and allocation of resources to meet real time demand/needs
-Real time personalized early detection – enabling tailor fitted solutions and interventions per older adult to maximize effectiveness. .
-Ongoing measurement – the collection of personalized real time data can also enable better monitoring and evaluation of chosen interventions.
Alongside these advantages, we also mapped three main challenges:
-Implementation of new technology requires a "state of mind" not commonly found in the public and social sector.
-The inherit difference in method of operations between start-ups and public/social sector. Public sector, for valid reasons, is slower to change out of responsibility to its beneficiaries, while startups need to be agile to respond to real time changes in a competitive market.
-Dealing with personalized data raises many concerns regarding privacy. This becomes even more complicated when dealing with developing a new technology - an unstructured process filled with uncertainty.
To address all these challenges we reached out to the different key players in order to understand their concerns and motivations and get them on board with the innovation. Working together, with both public, social and private sectors, we established mechanisms and communication channels to plan the initiative in a responsible and holistic approach. Our joint work resulted in the design of the first stage pilot currently underway taking place in Tel Aviv Municipality. The pilot will include 1000 older adults and has two main objectives:
-Validate the data collected – improving the capabilities of Invisi.care's product
-Evaluate the insights derived from the data – better understand if and how it can be integrated it into work and decision making process.
Looking forward, the pilot's success is a crucial milestone to move this innovation to the next level. Establishing the scope and quality of the data on a large scale will prove its value and potential to decision makers both at the local and federal levels. This innovation, if applied nationwide to all older adults, has the disruptive potential to fundamentally change the way the public and social sectors plan, fund and operate geriatric services.

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