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Estonian Government has launched an action plan for life event service design. The target is to have by the end of 2020 seven life event services designed and live. One of the first of these life event services is having a child service that has the first part of it, proactive offering of the family benefits is live since October 2019. It means that once the birth of a child is registered and given a name, an email is sent to the parents to receive family benefits.

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In the end of 2018, Estonian Government Cabinet approved the action plan for life and business event service redesign, which has a target of 7 event-based services live by the end of 2020. In Estonia, life and business event services are defined as public services that are provided jointly by several authorities and with a maximum of one user interaction so that a person would be able to perform all the obligations and exercise all the rights conferred on the person due to an event or situation. An event service compiles several services related to the same event into a single service for the user.

Whereas in most countries event services are one-sided way of providing information about the services organised according to the needs of users (life or business events) on a central website, in Estonia we have a more complex approach. Our objective is to automatically and proactively offer in case of a life event a person services related to that event through web applications. One of the first life event services to be fully redesigned and developed is having a child life event.

There are 12 public services related to having a child from the registration of the pregnancy to the family benefits provided by 7 different public sector organisations. Most of these services can be applied for after the birth of a child – the time when parents need the most to spend time with their new-born. The problems with the services are following:
• Lack of proactivity – users must apply for the services and if the user misses the deadline of the application, they will be ineligible for the services later or it requires extra effort afterwards.
• Services related to having a child are fragmented between different authorities and service channels. It is difficult to a have a wholesome overview of all the services related to having a child life event.
• In some cases, the same information must be provided to different authorities (e.g. bank account number).
• Some services processes are paper-based and doubled both on paper and in the information systems.
• Different service maturity between authorities and central and local governments.

This October, the complete having a child event service was redesigned and prototyped. As a result, the future having a child life event will differ from current situation as following:
• Services related to having a child are integrated into one user experience.
• All the services will be provided by proactively or automatically to the user.
• The user’s interaction with the state will decrease from 10 to 4 interaction (the registration of pregnancy; the acceptance of paternity; the approval of family benefits and parental leave; the naming of child).

In parallel to the redesigning and prototyping, the first part of the having a child life event service was developed and went live in October. It concerns automation and proactive offering of family benefits. Once the birth of a child is registered in the population register and given a name, the Social Security Board will send an email to the parents to receive family benefits and the parents can either accept or reject the offer via Social Security Board’s self-service portal.

The next step is to automate rest of the services related to the having a child in the same way and start a similar process with all the other event-based services. At the moment, 4 other life event service (death of a relative, getting married, retiring and going into the military service) are being redesigned and prototyped like the having a child life event service.

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