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Campus-IL, Israel’s National On-line Digital Learning Platform

CampusIL, the national digital learning venture, allows all Israeli society to enjoy an innovative and personalized learning experience with a vast array of quality content served by leading universities, vocational training institutes and other top content providers. As all courses are free, CampusIL bridges socioeconomic gaps within Israel and enables economic growth acceleration by offering a lifelong learning experience for students, educators, public servants and employment seekers.

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The technological developments of our era allow everyone to study anywhere and at any time. With Campus-IL, all one needs in order to gain access to content and courses by leading academic institutions, to professional training courses and public sector certificate programs, is an internet connection. Inspired by the international MOOCs movement including Coursera, edX, Udemy, Udacity and FutureLearn, the Israeli government is leading a national initiative to use digital learning as a means to bridge socioeconomic gaps and accelerate Israel's economy.

A market research conducted by GAA (Israel's Government Advertising Agency) revealed that 60% of the population in Israel did not participate in any form of digital learning experience during their lifetime. On the other hand, more than 85% of the survey participants believe that lifelong learning is essential to improve one's socioeconomic status. Moreover, digital learning is grasped by 75% of the survey participants as easier to instil in their daily routine than traditional learning.

Campus-IL was founded by the Ministry of Social Equality and Israel's council of higher education with the aim of reducing social inequality, securing equal opportunity for a wide variety of social groups, and providing flexible training solutions for the evolving job market. The platform was launched on November 2018 and currently holds more than 1 million site visitors with more than 250,000 enrolled to at least one of the 200 courses offered by the platform.

The platform foundation was inspired by the French national MOOCs platform (FUN-MOOC) model that took place three years before the Israeli initiative was founded. The French platform hosts hundreds of French academia institute courses, offered also to the Moroccan government. Digital Israel (Israel’s National Digital Beuro) used the French model as an inspiration and extended it to other audience as described below:
1. Under-served communities – Digital literacy courses, civilian rights course and occupational English course are examples of content to advance of underprivileged groups (Ultra-orthodox, Arabs, senior citizens, etc.) in Israel by means of enhancing 21st century proficiency, augmenting language skills (English, Hebrew and Arabic), and developing professional occupational skills.
2. Students and higher education applicants in Israel – With the goal of changing teaching and learning methods within Israeli higher education cadres through digital learning, Campus-IL offers a variety of more than 70 academic courses, allowing undergraduate students to gain academic credit points for their bachelor degrees in a variety of disciplines.
3. Civil service employees - With the goal of Improving and increasing the efficiency of training processes and continuing education programs, Campus-IL designed various courses for civil service employees working in government ministries and local authorities in Israel. A few examples of courses include teachers training, procurement courses, high quality of service courses and human resources related courses.
4. Employment seekers - With occupational courses such as "programming in Python" and soft skills courses such as "how to effectively lead negotiation", Campus-IL aims to drive disruption among the Israeli employment ecosystem allowing fast track for jobs at high demand and entry level courses for those who wish to be part of the industry.

A series of strategic partnerships were formed in two major courses of action. The first, was a series of RFPs to encourage academic institutes and government units to create high quality Hebrew and Arabic content. The second course of action was creating an ecosystem development work plan, aimed at having all players in the digital learning arena of Israel become active players in the platform ecosystem. This includes conferences, community events and meetup, training and initiatives such as Campus-School which is on-the-ground community centres using Campus-IL as a platform for blended learning.
The platform is envisioned to address major national educational issues, such as Maths and English proficiencies, that the education system in Israel is struggling with, major skill gaps mapped by the ministry of labour and welfare, educational programs bridging the digital literacy gaps underserved communities suffer from and instilling lifelong learning within the general population with a unique focus on public servants.
The National Digital Beuro is working on a long term strategic plan to create a stable and growing organizational entity to transform the initiative from a small startup within Digital Israel to an independent entity, flexible and growing fast. A first step towards this vision was taken with an infrastructure tender published for the next 15 years.

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