Economic Passports for Smallholder Farmers and Informal Waste-Pickers

BanQu is the first ever blockchain-based (patented) Supply Chain & Economic Passport platform that enables transparency, traceability, equity and sustainability for farmers (especially women), workers, waste pickers living in extreme poverty. BanQu has also become the leading platform for ensuring COVID-19 supplies are reaching the most vulnerable nations and communities in the MENA region. BanQu is being used in 40+ countries across over 1 million last-mile-first-mile beneficiaries today.

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Problem: Almost 2 billion people live in extreme poverty. At least 200 million of them work tirelessly in the circular packaging economy picking up our bottles, paper, plastic; in the smallholder farmer supply chain growing coffee, cocoa, maize; and in application service management companies (ASMs) mining cobalt, tin, gemstones. Despite their importance, they are invisible and discriminated against- especially women. These workers are unbanked, shunned and ignored by the global economy. The BanQu solution creates a traceable, transparent and equitable supply chain that empowers these people and enables them to break the cycle of extreme poverty permanently.

Solution: Economic passports for waste-pickers, recyclers, smallholder farmers and ASMs. We are a software-as-a-service, patented, non-crypto blockchain platform that connects global brands to their last-mile-first-mile supply chains. Our unique platform ensures that the poorest can prove their existence in the supply chain of circular packaging, mining and agriculture via a simple SMS message in the local language and payments made in local currency.

Benefits/Impact: BanQu is for-profit-for-purpose SaaS company. Hence we deliver a double bottom line with 3 KPIS:
1. Real-time visibility to raw materials and finished good from source to post-consumption.
2. Non-crypto blockchain audit trail certifying the materials as well as the people in the last-mile-first-mile - empowering the poorest by reducing extreme poverty and creating gender equality.
3. Compliance KPIs to meet Extended Producer Responsibility requirements; ESG goals and UN SDGs.

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Year: 2016
Level of government: Other


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