Anti-bullying app “Patyčių dėžutė“ and e-learning platform REAGUOK.LT

Bullying is one of the main social challenges in Lithuania with about 30% of children becoming victims of bullying few times a week. Most of them don’t report the incidents while school officials often can’t recognize and effectively provide help for both victims and bullies. “Patyčių dėžutė” is a mobile app which allows children to anonymously report bullying accidents, while REAGUOK.LT is a e-learning platform for teachers with all the relevant information about how to respond to bullying.

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One of the main and most pressing issues in the modern society is bullying at schools. According to research done by the World Health Organization in 2016, children in Lithuania's schools experience 2-3 instances of bullying every month. Widely considered one of today's biggest problems, bullying has been proven to cause significant harm to developing minds.

Recording bullying incidents accurately and efficiently in most of the schools is still a huge problem in Lithuania. Students are often afraid to be labelled a ‘snitch’ or don’t want their parents to know about school problems. There are teachers who do not handle their responsibilities well and never record bullying incidents or just don’t know how to intervene the bullied person. Therefore many Lithuanian schools do not record any cases of bullying per year.

“Patyčių dėžutė“ is a platform, designed to allow students, their parents and teachers to safely and anonymously report acts of bullying. The platform is made up of easy to use website and a mobile app, as well as a management system, which can be downloaded and installed free of charge by all motivated schools across the country. The platform gives a chance to report about student himself/herself or about classmate, friend, teacher or any other member of his/her school community who suffers from bullying or is a bully. It is also possible to attach a screenshot of the cyberbullying to the report.

Following the successful completion of the pilot project, it was decided to expand the idea of developing effective anti-bullying practice and to create free online anti-bullying training „REAGUOK.LT“ for teachers and other professionals that work with children and young people. All school staff should be aware of how to respond to reports of bullying and, where needed, support and appropriate intervention should be available.

Currently, only schools that participate in bullying prevention programs (Olweus program - 470 schools, Friends program - 20 schools) have been trained to provide support and help to stop bullying, so more than half of Lithuanian teachers are untrained and lack of important knowledge. Furthermore, this type of training is very expensive and requires commitment to a time and place.

The online training “REAGUOK.LT” has been developed as part of “Patyčių dėžutė” platform, which aims to empower teachers to get more in-depth knowledge and to influence change around the issue of bullying. Online training modules include: What is bullying; Bullying and the Law; Cyberbullying; Recording and reporting incidents; Homophobic bullying; Responding to bullying and etc. It also includes Q&A section, video lessons, further reading, contacts map, 30 – 60 minute lesson plans, advice and information to enable participants to fully understand the issue and deal with bullying. Once all the modules and the main general test have been completed, participants will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement. This training course is approved by Vilnius University, and each module counts towards participants continuing professional development.

“Patyčių dėžutė“ platform together with “REAGUOK.LT“ online learning course created a more convenient way to report and respond to bullying and invited all motivated Lithuanian schools to join the initiative.

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Year: 2019
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