AFORTUNADA MENTE® Gamification. A scalable tool that develops financial and socio-emotional capabilities since childhood

Mexicans' financial capabilities are below the average of G-20 countries, worsening their quality of life: 68% say "money is for spending", consequently 65% live from hand to mouth (OCDE, 2017).
AFORTUNADA MENTE is a didactic board game for children, families and entrepreneurs to develop financial and socio-emotional capabilities. It's intuitive, agile and ludic, and promotes personal development and social impact through the game's challenges.

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At present, there is virtually no Financial Education in Mexico. At the aggregate level, this impoverishes families and even makes their use subsidies inefficient. Only 8% of schools promote financial education in Mexico and 90% of the financial behaviour is learned at home (OCDE, 2017).

This didactic board game was therefore created to develop children's and adults' financial capabilities through fun. Its playful nature attracts people, disposes them with an open attitude to learn and engages them to continue using the tool in ways that reach an in-depth development. In addition, the game is inserted in a context of a sense of life and socio-emotional development. To play, one needs to say what talents she/he possesses, what they would like to achieve in life and who they would like to help. It also includes challenges in the 5 areas of the person (emotional, mind, body, spirit and will) that help the player to move faster across the board. The main goal is to help people improve their quality of life through the efficient use of their money and the financial system.

This innovation is helping children, young people, entrepreneurs and adults through the different public organisms that deploy the tool. This culminates in the consolidation of family finances, more profitable entrepreneurship, and more stable employees in companies.

In 2019, a pilot was started in a Local Education Secretariat. From its results, a federal law initiative has been presented to teach financial education in every Mexican school. In 2020, a synergy with the Federal Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings was started to reach the banked adults, and with entrepreneurs, SMEs, and business owners through the Secretariat of Sustainable Economic Development.

The board game was firstly created on a pizza box. From the results and families' feedback, some details were improved. It was then presented to the Education Secretariat who implemented a pilot of 100 schools. An evaluation was made with the school directors, and  improvements in the matter adaptation were made. From these results the other public organisms, including The Senate, have been in contact to scale the scope of the tool.

As a board game, it doesn’t require investment in teacher training and ensures the genuine transmission of learning, this reduces costs and the risk that teachers (who often are themselves part of this financial ignorance) transmit knowledge poorly.

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