APEX is a whole-of-government API platform where public agencies can share data and services with other agencies and private entities. APEX simplifies API management by providing uniform governance, consistency and reliable performance. It enables innovation through a central catalogue and self-service portal where innovators can select APIs to create new services and experiences for citizens.

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In today’s fast-paced and digitalised world, government agencies need to evolve quickly to stay relevant to citizens. Old methods of data acquisition and transfer are too slow to satisfy citizen’s needs. Instead, there is a desire for innovative and integrated government services through which data is shared seamlessly between public agencies. Equally appealing are the potentially more targeted and citizen-centric products that businesses can offer if given access to selected agency data. Application programming interfaces or APIs are one such means of achieving these goals. The Singapore government envisioned a centralised whole-of-government platform that would allow all government agencies to share data amongst themselves and with private enterprises through APIs.

This forward-looking measure would solve challenges such as fragmented API hosting technology, outdated API design methodology and inconsistent data sharing standards. APEX was born to address these issues. Its value proposition is to increase the adoption of API technology within government by simplifying secure data-sharing, making API management user-friendly, and increasing visibility of available APIs. APEX provides a secure data sharing environment where agencies’ APIs are protected by authentication policies that conform to the latest security standards. Round-the-clock monitoring and transaction logging also ensure high system availability and access tracking.

APEX simplifies API management by providing a user-friendly portal though which users can perform self-service actions to initiate workflows for publishing and accessing APIs. In addition, APIs served through APEX are surfaced in an API catalogue that can be freely browsed by other users.

Throughout the development process, the APEX team followed the Agile methodology to iteratively and incrementally design, build and validate features. This empowered the team to respond promptly to user feedback as well as experiment with new high-value features, resulting in a user-friendly and feature-rich product. The success of APEX is evident in the number of projects and agencies that it continues to onboard daily since its launch. APEX has established itself as an enabler for agencies to rapidly deploy APIs and propagate data for consumption by other agencies and business enterprises to drive their own innovations. The APEX professional services team has also assisted agencies in improving their general standards of API design and security. When technology supports secure and seamless data exchange, the possibilities are endless. APEX supports the vision of innovative and integrated government services fuelled by a mindset of collaboration and data-sharing. We envision a world in which quite literally, everything connects.

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Year: 2017
Level of government: National/Federal government


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