OPSI COVID-19 Innovative Response Tracker

Helping the most vulnerable children to access basic needs and distance education

Innovative response

World Vision Romania is promoting preventive behaviors and social conduct measures to prevent the infection with COVID-19 among rural population in the area where we have active programming; we empower children from to communicate messages of protection and social conduct during the pandemic; we support educational staff with digital tools to continue online education; we distribute food packages, education kits, and phycological support to children and families in rural areas, and we advocate for the implementation and monitoring of child protection standards for all children, especially for the most vulnerable ones during the pandemic (petition, press release, online survey)

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

Most vulnerable children, especially those in rural areas, with low access to distance education, living in low income families, at risk of domestic violence: also by empowering children we help children express their thoughts, help them analyze the impact and create space to speak up

Potential issues

Accumulating gaps in education impacting children's short, medium and long term life

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