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Finland’s Helsinki-Vantaa Airport trials Covid Sniffer Dogs

Innovative response

Authorities in Finland are using sniffer dogs to sniff out whether travellers may have Covid-19 in a pilot in the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

No scientific studies have been completed on the efficacy of sniffer dogs for Covid-19, but initial research from the University of Helsinki indicates that dogs are possibly able to sniff Covid-19 five days before they show symptoms.

The team involves 15 dogs and 10 instructors. The passenger swipes their neck with a gauze, places it in a can which is then given to a dog to sniff. If the dogs indicate that they may be carrying the virus then they are invited to do a follow up test with a swab.

Organisations/institutions involved

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

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Issues being addressed:

  • Patient care