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From the OPSI blog:

Convening intentional conversations on crisis implications

Convening intentional conversations on crisis implications The crisis of this year has required governments

Steps towards a New Data Deal

Steps towards a New Data Deal: Prototyping an evidence-based innovation panel for the Portuguese

Report Launch – OPSI Innovation Primer on Rules as Code

Today, we are pleased to launch OPSI’s third innovation primer, Cracking the Code: Rulemaking

Zone of confusion: The need for a clear purpose for innovation projects

Have you ever felt pulled in different directions at once, such that you do

Featured projects:

Rules as Code (RaC)

RaC is an emerging concept in public sector innovation, which is rethinking a core

Innovative Covid-19 Responses

Governments are working hard to rally resources and unify experts from across sectors and

Anticipatory Innovation Governance

Artificial Intelligence

AI holds great promise for the public sector, and governments are in a unique

OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation

The OECD Declaration puts the spotlight on innovation The OECD Declaration is an official

Public Sector Innovation Facets

The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) sees public sector innovation as a 'many-splendoured'

Country Studies

The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) undertakes country studies in order to help

Innovation Lifecycle

The innovation lifecycle is an attempt to understand the different stages of the public

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